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ECW: A National Women-Led

Organization Dedicated to Improving the Well-Being of Afghan Women, Girls, and Children Since 1997
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ECW: Empowering Afghan Women and Fighting Hunger for Over Two Decades

Empowerment Center for Women (ECW)—a national women led organization empowering Afghan women, girls and children since 1997 in Afghanistan. ECW is thematically working in Gender Justice, Food Security and Livelihoods, Child Protection, Education and Good Governance. Evidence based advocacy, accountability, networking and capacity building are the additional areas of the track record of ECW’ experience for the policy led protection of women, girls and children at village/provincial and national level. Working since 1997, ECW has executed around 141 projects with 38 funding agencies and government institutions


We organize inclusive events for Women & Girls

Empowerment Center for Women (ECW) is a leading Afghan organization dedicated to empowering women and girls through innovative and comprehensive programs in women’s empowerment, food security, health, and education.

ECW works to break down barriers that hinder women’s full participation in society, promoting their economic independence, leadership, and decision-making power. We provide training and support for women to develop their skills and knowledge in various fields, including , microfinance, and vocational training.

We empower women to become self-sufficient providers for their families by supporting them in developing sustainable livelihoods. ECW provides access to training, resources, and markets to help women cultivate crops, raise livestock, and engage in income-generating activities.

We promote women’s and children’s health by providing access to quality education, healthcare services, and reproductive health information. ECW conducts awareness campaigns on hygiene, nutrition, and family planning, and supports community-based health programs.

ECW has had a significant impact in Afghanistan by empowering women as entrepreneurs, leaders, and contributors to their communities’ development. They enhanced food security and promoted health and education through the provision of essential resources and services.

We champion access to quality education for all Afghan children, especially girls. ECW supports the establishment of schools, provides scholarships, and conducts teacher training to ensure that girls have equal opportunities to learn and succeed.  

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