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Who We Are

ECW at a Glance:

Empowerment Center for Women (ECW) is a woman led organization established in 1997 working for the women, girls and children empowerment in Afghanistan. ECW thematically delivers services and implemented 141 projects in Gender development, Education, Child Protection, Access to Justice, Good governance, Food security and Nutrition, and Organizational development sectors. The major donors of ECW are EU, USAID, Global Affairs Canada, Asia Development Bank and UN in the projects specially designed for the empowerment of women and girls. ECW has 20 years’ experience in north, northeast, southeast and eastern provinces and implemented 82% of its projects in education, child protection, food security through Capacity building, Advocacy, Community outreach, Networking, Accountability and community-based protection mechanisms.

Our Mission

To support the expansion of assets and capabilities of Afghan women to participate in, negotiate with, influence, control and hold accountable institutions that affect their lives.


Strategic Goals

ECW has Six Strategic goals through which ECW has been working. The 2016-2020 Strategic Goals are:

Child Protection

ECW desires to protect the well-beings of children through community-based mechanisms and provide equal opportunities for participation and development through various humanitarian and development programs.

Gender Mainstreaming

Through this Strategic Goal ECW desires to Promote Practicing Democratic values, Mainstream Equal Social Participation & Activism, Support Freedom of Choice in order to bring equity amongst citizens.

Access to Justice

ECW desires to strengthen citizen’s access to justice and to further improve the quality of justice support system for effectively responding to women violence/gender-based violence issues.

Good Governance

ECW desires to increase civic participation, promote effective and gender sensitive service delivery, enhance accountability and monitoring of the national laws, and equitable allocation of resources as per statute that can benefit the mostly wellbeing of ordinary citizen.

Food Security

ECW desires to enhance availability and enhance access to safe and nutritious food through equipping women and youth with sustainable livelihood, entrepreneurship and income generation skills.


ECW envisions to provide quality education to children especially girls in emergency and development scenarios through EiE, CBE, teachers trainings, parents engagements and awareness, child friendly and inclusive learning environment.

Major achievements

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Major Donors

ECW gratefully acknowledges its donors for their generous support of our work