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ECW Strategic Goals: ECW has five strategic goals through which ECW has been working. The 2016-2020 Strategic Goals are:

Empowerment Across Generations:

ECW champions gender justice, striving to eliminate violence, harmful practices, and gender inequalities. Through community engagement, we empower women, girls, and children, fostering awareness and mobilizing local actions.

Sustainable Food Security and Livelihoods:

Committed to enhancing economic and food security, ECW executes programs benefitting Afghan women, girls, IDPs, returnees, and refugees. Our initiatives equip women with livelihood skills, entrepreneurship, and support environmental protection.

Comprehensive Protection Services:

ECW plays a crucial role in general and child protection, with a focus on preventing GBV. Our programs include awareness, psychosocial support, legal advocacy, and skills development, contributing to the overall well-being of vulnerable populations.

Quality Education Initiatives:

Education lies at the core of our mission. ECW envisions providing quality education, especially for girls, in emergency and development scenarios. Our programs include EiE, CBE, ALCs, teachers’ training, and advocacy for child-friendly and inclusive learning environments.

Advocacy for Good Governance:

ECW actively engages in policy advocacy and accountability to uphold the rights of women, girls, and children. Our initiatives focus on effective and gender-sensitive service delivery, equitable resource allocation, and civic participation.

Major Funding Partners:

ECW collaborates with major donors such as USAID, Asian Development Bank, UN agencies, and various international organizations to fund and support our impactful projects.

Community-Based Structures:

ECW’s extensive network includes community-based child protection mechanisms, girls’ reflect circles, community-based schools, child centers, and advocacy groups. This community-driven approach ensures a holistic impact.

Geographical Presence:

Presently operating in 13 provinces, ECW has regional and provincial offices strategically positioned to address the unique needs of diverse communities.

Strategic Goals and Achievements:

ECW’s strategic goals encompass gender justice, food security, protection, education, and good governance. With a track record of executing 141 projects, our achievements are reflected in tangible improvements in the lives of beneficiaries.”