Local Right Program project in Balkh province

Local Right Program project in Balkh province

ECW is implementing the Local Right Program (LRP) project in Balkh province with four strategic goals; Increasing civic participation and state accountability through youth led advocacy for quality and gender responsive public services and fair distribution of resources, and supporting children’s education.

For this purpose; the Reading competition between child centers were conducted in 7 rounds in 7 child centers from 14 September up to 23 Sep 2019 and all 18 child centers were engaged in organizing 7 events. 450 children attended these competition events and the reward bonuses have been distributed for 54 winners and successors from first to 3rd positions.

These events have inspired the children to pay more attention to their studies and increase their knowledge on the topics they learn in the books.

They expressed hope that by participation in the book competition, they will be able to be better prepared in the school exams as well. DoEC representative participating in these events admired the convention of such competitions and believed that such events help to promote the culture of study and book-reading among students and children.

Action-Aid has financially supported this project.